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Curve magazine began publishing in 1989 and has become America’s best-selling newsstand magazine for lesbians. Curve is the only national lesbian magazine title in the U.S. and publishes 8 issues annually. Covering news, entertainment, politics, pop culture, style, products, fashion and travel, this cutting-edge, high-quality publication is the leading source of information on trends in lesbian lifestyle. Reaching over 80,000 women with every issue, Curve has documented the advancements in LGBT rights and the acceptance of gay women in America. If it matters to lesbians, it’s in Curve. As editor-in-chief of Curve for the past four years, my mission has been to honor and preserve the magazine’s 25-year history while bringing it into the digital age with freshness, relevance, and all the features that are now expected from new media. In addition to the hard copy publication, Curve now has an exciting and fully interactive digital edition as well as a strong and rapidly growing online and social media presence. Curve has won numerous awards for its timely and insightful editorial, having been honored by some of the LGBT community’s peak organizations such as GLAAD, NLGJA, GLAMA, NCLR and POWERUP. The New York Times called us, “Hip, sexy, well-written and politically astute,” while highly-rated web series and TV shows such as The L Word have incorporated Curve into their scripts and storylines, such is its relevance to the lesbian community. The readership of Curve also cites the publication as their leading source for brand information, and in our last reader survey readers voted Curve their number one source for information on leisure and travel. As editor-in-chief I am asked on a regular basis to speak at national and international business forums and symposiums on the topic of the lesbian market and what advertisers can do to reach this segment. I always say that reaching lesbians is easy—their publications and digital platforms mirror the latest trends and concerns, and Curve is a great place to begin to understand what the lesbian consumer wants. And while lesbians are undoubtedly a part of the gay community, they tend to identify with their gender first, making them a part of the world’s largest consumer group—women. With America’s LGBT spending power estimated at $830 billion, and 87% of Curve readers stating that a company which actively advertises to the LGBT community will receive further consideration of their product or service, marketing to this lucrative and loyal demographic makes sense. Today, some of America’s leading corporations in fashion retail, finance, travel and leisure and health care advertise in Curve. To find out more about ad sales in Curve, please contact Todd Evans at 212-242-6863 or

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