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Rivendell Media has been helping advertising agencies meet the LGBT press since 1979, and currently serves over 200 gay & lesbian print publications, websites and digital properties as their exclusive national advertising representative. With advertising spending in the LGBT press at a record high for 2013 ($381.4 millioni), LGBT people are a crucial demographic for advertisers, largely due to their brand loyalty and influence as trendsetters compared to the general population. The LGBT community boasts the highest per-capita discretionary income among niche markets and an estimated $830Bii in buying power for 2013. Rivendell Media makes reaching this powerful demographic simple, with tailored marketing consultation and campaign recommendations based on our over 35 years of expertise. Local media provides LGBT people with immediate access to news, services, event listings and other content of interest, and truly reaches the “movers and shakers” of the LGBT community. In 2013, 9 out of every 10 advertising dollars spent in LGBT print media were spent locallyiii. Gay media is local media, and that’s what makes our business unique: we help you reach the LGBT publications and media outlets in your target markets – one bill, one insertion order, one representative. We represent most LGBT publications in the US and Canada. When you work with Rivendell Media, you are working directly with our media properties – we are paid by the properties as their national advertising sales staff. Our services are all at absolutely no cost to the agency. We are here to help plan campaigns, give advice and guidance, and provide factual information about the publications we represent (and even those that we don’t represent) so that you have the knowledge to make beneficial decisions in the LGBT marketplace. At Rivendell Media and Rivendell Online (our digital division) we handle all of the work typically involved in ad placement. We supply you with the most current rates, deadlines and art specifications, and take care of everything to make sure your campaign runs smoothly. We guarantee the lowest available rates for the schedule you are placing, and our rates are always agency-commissionable. Each month, our staff compiles tear sheets, screenshots and checking copies, and consolidates your ad placements onto one bill for all monthly advertising activity. We also track every national print ad in every LGBT publication in the US, and these tracking reports are offered free of charge to all agencies that work with us. Rivendell Media is certified both as an LGBT Business Enterprise and as a Certified Diverse Supplier through the National Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce. With over 35 years of experience, we’ve placed nearly every advertising campaign in the gay press and worked with nearly every major agency in the US. If your client is looking to advertise to the LGBT market, Rivendell Media is the premier one-stop source for LGBT media placement and marketing consultation. To learn more about Rivendell Media and how we can be of service to you and your clients, please contact Todd Evans (President and CEO) at 212-242-6863 or i Rivendell Media, 2013 Gay Press Report ii Witeck Communications, “America’s LGBT 2013 Buying Power Estimated at $830 Billion,” November 2013 iii Rivendell Media, 2013 Gay Press Report

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