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DigitasLBi Drops The Letters D and G In Protest Of Dolce & Gabbana

Drop D and G.png

Following the uproar caused by comments made by Dolce & Gabbana founders that children born as a result of IVF were “synthetic” and that they were against the adoption of children by gay parents, DigitasLBi joined in the protest by symbolically dropping the letters D and G from its name. An agency-wide email was circulated by Tony Weisman, North American CEO, and Ronald Ng, North American Chief Creative Officer. Below is a copy of that email. (Source: Ad Age)

Folks, Tony and Ronal N here. Yes, Ronal is dropping the D and G from his name. I'm dropping my middle initial (G). And for the next week, DigitasLBi is, too. You've probably heard about the recent controversy surrounding Dolce & Gabbana's comments on IVF and (their idea of) 'traditional' family. It's caused a global uproar, largely led by Elton John's pledge to #BoycottDolceGabbana. And today, we're taking a stand – to support Elton's movement. To support diversity, acceptance, family – in all its forms. #dropDandG. Shortly, we'll change our name (meet: "iitasLBi") across our social channels, office signage, and email signatures (artwork below, so you can, too). Join us in taking a stand. In celebrating equality and diversity. In dropping D and G. - Tony & Ronal (Ronald Ng)

#Advocacy #Backlash #DigitasLBi

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