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Égalité, MRY and Starcom MediaVest Group Sponsor Carl(a) Movie Premiere

Carl(a), starring Joslyn DeFreece and Laverne Cox, is the story of a trans woman who is being dejected from her family while seeking the means to complete her transition. Carla (DeFreece) meets Sam, a man who loves her for who she is, but when Carla gets the funds to complete her transition sam has second thoughts about their relationship. Now Carla must choose between being herself, or being some she wasn't for someone else.

On April 20th, Égalité, MRY and SMG successfully packed the house of the Ziegfeld theatre and inspired press, celebrities, employees and influencers to show up and participate in the evening. Approximately 900 people were in attendance at the premiere which concluded with CNN's Chris Cuomo moderating the Q&A panel featuring Eli Hershko (Director/Writer), Joslyn Defreece (who plays Carla), Mark Margolis (who plays Grandpa) and Gregg Bello (who plays Sam, Carla’s love interest).

The idea behind supporting the story of Carl(a), a story about the simple need to feel comfortable in your own skin, as well as the transgender community was birthed through MRY’s Égalité chapter and championed by SMG. The group looks to be a part of events that encourage an all-inclusive message for all and Carl(a) was perfect vehicle for this message. This event is one of the first that an advertising and media agency have come together to support a transgender cause in this format. The idea to host was ignited when Lilly and her husband and director, Eli Hershko, first introduced this movie to MRY’s Égalité chapter. After MRY’s Égalité’s Michael Bollinger watched it, he realized how moving and authentic it was. The best part about this activation is that it grew beyond Égalité and inspired non-affiliated employees across both agencies to get involved. A true testament to the team, our partnership and the fact that good ideas will motivate and bring together all walks of life.

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