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This is the gayest sweater in the world. And thanks to the Canadian Centre For Gender and Sexual Diversity (CCGSD), for the first time in history, saying so is perfectly ok.

After over a year in the making, The Gay Sweater launched in March during Toronto Fashion week. And within seconds of its big reveal, it took the fashion and non-fashion world by storm — which wasn’t surprising considering the fact that the garment itself is made entirely from hair donated by LGBT Canadians.

Once the hype around Fashion Week subsided, the campaign used #TheGaySweater to gain momentum on Twitter and lead people to a short film about the project that documented the process and meaning behind the sweater’s creation.

And though the garment was repulsive to some, its ability to provoke and generate thoughtful discussion about the use of homophobic language proved to be the real story. In fact, after several features on local and national broadcast shows, The Gay Sweater soon became a global symbol that encouraged people across the world to revisit debates and discussion about controversial LGBT legislation and policy.

But what’s it really like to wear a 100% gay sweater? According to CCGSD founder Jeremy Dias, its feels “heavy both metaphorically and literally with the lives that people have given hair for it. It is a physical object that can’t help but make you think and reflect.” Oh and it’s also itchy — very, very itchy.


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